JSC “Uralredmet” is located in Ural region 10 km away from Ekaterinburg city. Uralredmet plant was commissioned in 1958. This was the research & development and pilot production facility for many rare earth metals and alloys during the Soviet period. This is the only plant of this kind which could survive during the Perestroika period and could hold most of the scientists and technical specialists. Today it is the world largest producer of master alloys.

Uralredmet specializes in production of the following rare metals, its alloys and phosphors:

• Vanadium and Molybdenum based master alloys for Titanium industry;
• (V-Al, V-Al-Fe, V-Mo-Al-Ti, Mo-Nb-C-Al, Mo-Al, Mo-Al-Ti, Mo-Zr-Al, Mo-Zr-Si-Al, Mo-Cr-
Al, Nb-Al-Si, Nb-Al-Ta and others);

• High purity electron beam (EB)-melted Vanadium (99.5-99.99%);
• Ferrotitanium;
• Permanent magnets based on rare-earth elements.

JSC “Uralredmet” is a regular supplier to the titanium, electronic, nuclear, aerospace industries. Production facilities and quality control system are approved by world’s major titanium producers — VSMPO and Timet.

The quality assurance system at JSC “Uralredmet” confirms to the requirements of ISO
9001:2008 and AS 9100.

Uralredmet has excellent management and technical team under the leadership of Mr. Andrei
Zelyanskiy, General Director
More detail information about JSC Uralredmet can be found on the plant website.