Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Stork Group website!

m1Stork Group has grown from being a small trading company in early 1990s to a multinational, multidivisional, industrial conglomerate during past 20 years. Today Stork is a transnational group of companies involved in titanium industry value chain, non-ferrous metals, bulk Ferroalloys and engineering equipment marketing.

The success of our company can be attributed to our ability to continually identify and respond to the changing demands across highly-regulated markets. We regularly enter new businesses, start new projects worldwide. Number of our partners grows every year since we value our reputation very much. We base long-term relations with our partners on transparency, mutual trust and respect.

I do hope that you are currently enjoying and will continue to enjoy our partnership in future as well. Our high-qualified managers will surely gain your confidence and would we ready                          to provide services to match your needs.

Best regards,
Dr. J. Singh Raghav